AP WiFi WRP-300 similar to TP-WA854RE

8level WRP300 Extender - Lisconet

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  • LAN Ports 2


  • Frequency 2.4GHz
  • Wireless speed 300Mbps
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8level WRP-300 repeater is a wide range of applications, with small dimensions. Combining tns of access point, router, repeater, client device AP (APC) or WISP type.The WRP-300 is intended for a power outlet mount, apart from extending WiFi coverage it allows for connection to the network other devices like a television set, gaming console, media center and others. The maximum throughput supported by WRP-300 is 300Mbps.

Repeater mode more power for the WiFi signal and blind sopots elimination

The device has been designed as a tool for extending the WiFi coverage for existing wireless networks. It also allows for eliminating blind spots - places where the network signal looses strength.

Client mode

WRP-300 is equipped with two RJ-45 port, which allow to connect to the wirless network two wired devices like gaming console or TV.

Access point

WRP-300 can work in a access point mode, which allows to create a wireless network with up to 300Mbit bandwidth in the home, offce and any other.

Router mode

WRP-300 allows to create wired and wireless network connections working in router mode. The internet access is made through a WAN cable connection, which then is shared with a LAN or WLAN.

WISP mode

In the WISP mode the devices connects directly to your ISP and shares this connection with build in two RJ45 LAN ports. It adds NAT which allows to connect more than one computer at a time.

Simple montage and transport

Compact for factor and power outlet mount allow for easy connecting and transporting of the device.

WPS fast and intuitive network connection setup

The 8level WRP-300 repeater has a WPS (Wireless Protected Setup) function which allows fast and simple secure network configuration. It works with WPA2-AES(WPA2) network encryption protocols.

Witeles data transfer with speed up to 300Mbps

Repeater 8level WRP-300 is compatible with the 802.11n/b/g standard and works in the 2T2R, which allows to reach maximum speed up to 300Mbps. This allows for a fluid HD video-audio  transfer and online gaming.

QoS support

Repeater 8level WRP-300 has a built in QoS support, which allows for users to control bandwidth flow and bandwidth administration for better quality connections.