Ubiquiti Bullet M2

Access Point Bullet M2 HP Ubiquiti

Access Point Bullet M2 HP Ubiquiti UBNT lisconet

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Hi-Power, Long-Range

With up to 600mW of power and enhanced receiver design, the Bullet M is ideal for long-distance links, capable of 100Mbps+ real TCP/IP speeds over multi-km distances.

Plug and Play Integration

Connect the Bullet M2 HP to any existing antenna with an N-type female connector to create an airMAX® basestation.bulletm-feature-install-options

Zero Variable Deployment

No radio card / host board issues. No RF cable quality concerns. No mechanical stability concerns. No enclosure mounting requirements. With the Bullet, operators can just plug and go.

100Mbps speeds with no Special Antenna Required

The Bullet M series is compatible with most antennas (with n-type connectors) to deliver 100Mbps+ of real TCP/IP speed over the air.

AirMax Ready

The Bullet M2 HP can instantly become a powerful TDMA MIMO BaseStation utilizing Ubiquiti's breakthrough AirMax technology. With AirMax, PtMP networks can scale gracefully while maintaing high throughput and low latency performance.


Version 5 of Ubiquiti's AirOS builds upon the market leading intuitive user-interface loaded with advanced wireless configurations and routing functionality.